Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kg.Baru siap...

cerita di tengahari

dua hari lepas, tengahari terik panas wei..shah alam panas gila babi......
tapi dua 2,3,4 hari ni selalu hujan....sejuk...tapi tetap panas melayan perangaihahaha....?
sapa ek!abaikan lah budak-budak biasa lar....
sambung balik cerita di tengahari..

sampai ja...kelas En Kamarul,sebelum tu fon aku naik,7 panggilan tak di jawab...
apa lagi.'Alim hang kat mana " (reply) aku otw lar babi sabaq sat......
sebelum sampai kelas Kamarul,aku pegi cuci gambar kat Asesjay,untuk photo series...
siap buat kad student duit tetap habis 20 jugak hai terkanan-terkanan.

sampai kelas semua sambut aku,macam jalan kat red karpet cinemini pergh..
padahal cinemini lambat lagi tu..
afan tunjuk photo final dia(kg Baru) yang dia pergi shoot dengan aku.
photo series tak siap lagi, dah buat yang final...fikir jauh betul budak ni.
hahaha...bukan aku cakap hah(Kamarul yang cakap)hahha....

tunjuk ja...terus approve..hahaha mesti lar approve pergi dengan student 'A'
hahaha...bukan aku cakap( kamarul yang cakap)
aku terima dengan seadanya cewahhhhh..."konon-konon lah ko Alim"...(Pecol)
acap pulak tunjuk...semua tunjuk tugasan melalui gadjet aku.

acap bagus semua approve,sebab acap selam sambil minum air
kembung perut.....
approve semua senang hati dia,aku pun sama jugak hahhaa
tah ape benda yang puas tah.

boleh dikatakan sapa pergi shoot dengan aku semua approve lah....
myra semua kamarul approve, pergi dengan sapa lagi ......"student 'A'"
(Kamarul cakap lagi)bukan aku yang cakap ek pecol huhuhu...
bukan aku nak bangga, ke apa....tapi tolong kawan-kawan....ja tak lebih dari tu...
hahha...."konon-konon lar ko alim..(pecol) hahaha

aku nak tunjuk kat Kamarul gambar kg.baru yang 3x aku turun sana..
tapi malas lar..nantu budak-budak cakap aku bajet-bajet pulak..
hahahha...susah-susah hau..hau..hau.....x3
nanti-nanti lah......

apa-apa pn
aku relate photojourlisme....=p

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jalan Masjid Jamek

photo series

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Photojournalisme Pertama

Raya Cina 2010 di Kepala Batas

Sunday, February 21, 2010


We use herb.Herd is the healing of the nation,
like,other qualities is the destruction of mankind,


The more you accept herb, the more you accept Rastafar
you dig what i say......?
I accept herb,herb is important.....
but herb is more important to the people who don't accept it,
because that is a reality, i means.....He's not selling them arms.........selling them something that you crave,
but you take it in a sense and say Herb...!
Herb is a plant' i mean,herb is good for everything.Why......!
Why these people want to do so much good.....for everyone....who call themselves goverment
and this, and that......Why them say,you must not use the herb?you see?
And we check that and can't find.....We just see them just say,"No,you mustn't use it,
because it makes you rebel..."Against what?
Herb is a thing that will give you a little time for yourself
so you can live.if you use it.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

We flow where the wind blows.

Long coarse grass as the background. Why am I talking about grass? Malay proverb associates long coarse grass (lalang) as someone that follows new things around them. So the group of Pure people will start to label them as trend follower, poser, etc.

Did you know? We all start as grass. We follow things before we can find our own identity. Our place in the world. No one was born with the knowledge of what they want to do or who the will be in their life. When were younger and the teacher asked "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Doctor, police, soldiers and more. Why? Because that is what we see around us. When we do grow up, we no longer feel like being all of those. So then the term anti-policisme, anti-protocol, anti-corporat cause there are so many factors that affects us daily at that time.

To me, I became a so called grass to find the best of friends. In other words, to find the meaning of 'Brotherhood' that benefits me. I'm trying to find my identity. It's not wrong if you're trying to find yourself. Or in way to find who we are by the music we listen to that suits ourselves. Maybe back then I was I appealed by the grunge sub-culture and at the same time, thrash metal. Cromok became my daily listening pleasure. The Strokes changed my world in 1998. That made almost everyone wants to go back to the 60's and also Arctic Monkeys. Post-punk revival and they listen to Black Sabbath, Cream, Jimi Hendrix as the basis and inspiration.

So is it right to call me trend follower? Poser? Scene? Grass? Only The Pure can judge. All I know is I don't like being labeled as die hard metal or hardcore kids and I don't like being called a straight edge. Sometimes there's nothing wrong with culture changing who we are. As long as I remember my roots. Return to who I was a long time ago. Cause back then I was my very own pioneer.

I'm comfortable with the way I am now. This is not a stab to anyone. It's just my own thoughts about where I stand today.

Sunday, September 6, 2009


Istimewa buat yang teristimewa

Strike Any Where


Public Anemy MinorThreat


Mike Skinner

KP-kepala pening

Joe strummer aku suka sebab dia pegang Telecaster




kadand-kandang kita patut dengar fikiran otak yang buruk

Angkatan Desa Fantasi

Angkatan yang kembalikan sedikit ego lelaki yang hilang